Shiurim on Contemporary Jewish Issues

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Ethics of the Battlefield ־ War in Jewish Law
Hardening Pharaoh’s heart the Neuroscience and Spirituality of Free Will
Red Cows ־ Understanding the Parent-Child relationship
The Secrets of the Dove

Lectures on Judaism and contemporary issues

Custodians of the World ־ Judaism and the Environment
Depression, Anxiety and Loneliness ־ Mental health in the 21st Century
Jewish Resilience and What the Global Village Can Learn from the Jewish Experience of Change
The Black Death, Smallpox and Cholera ־ The Jewish Response to Plagues
The Ethics of Triage and Vaccine Prioritisation
Vaccination in Jewish Law and Thought

Discussion groups

Can Jews believe in Astrology?
Lord get me high(er): Drugs and Alcohol
Faith in a Faithless World
Freedom and Pictures of Freedom (for the discussion on Freedom)
Individuality and Community
Ritual Observance: Can’t I just be a good person?
The Meaning of Life
Triage ־ Allocation of resources in Judaism
Whistle blowing and telling secrets

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