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Based on the statement by Rebbi Eliezer in Pirkei Avot, Mah Shetashiv is a Jewish educational resource for anyone and everyone who is interested in exploring important contemporary issues from an orthodox Jewish perspective. There are resources for RabbonimRebbetzins, and Mechanchim to give direction on how to tackle some of the most thorny questions in hashkafa and halacha, as well as shiurim geared to everyone from beginners to advanced students.

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Mah Shetashiv is a non-profit organisation run by our Director, Rabbi Dr Moshe Freedman. Please feel free to browse through our lectures and articles on a variety of subjects including science and torah, ethics and the Hebrew scriptures, and other fascinating topics. If you have any general enquiries, would like to comment, or leave any feedback, please use our contact page.

There are resources on subjects ranging from parenting, Torah ethics to Jewish views on science and emerging technologies. Everyone is welcome to make use of what we have on offer. Please let us know your thoughts in our feedback section and if you wish, you may like to consider supporting our work by donating to Mah Shetashiv to help us continue adding new resources for the benefit of others.

If you would like to ask our team a question, visit the “ask us” page. To invite one of our speakers to take part in your jewish educational event, either in person or online, please select the topics from our section on lecture series.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit! Wishing you ברכה והצלחה – blessings and success in all your endeavours.

Rabbi Dr Moshe Freedman

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