Shiurim on Tanach

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Noach ־ Arks Doves and Olive leaves
Toldos ־ Abrahams Legacy of Universal Ethics
Toldos ־ The Veiling and Unveiling of Jewish History, God and Redemption
Vayishlach ־ Reuben Syndrome


Shemot ־ The Magical Staffs of Moshe and Aharon
Bo ־ Time Lords and Mitzvah of Kiddush HaChodesh
Mishpatim ־ Doing and hearing
Vayachei ־ The Unifying Force of the Mishkan


Acharei Mot ־ Vochai Bahem
Kedoshim ־ How could I possibly love my neighbour as myself
Emor ־ The Scourge of Potty Mouth Blasphemy Cursing and Swearing
Korach ־ Rabbinic Controverseies


Bamidbar ־ Tribes and Angels
Behaalotecha ־ The Meaning Behind the Back to Front Nunns
Korach ־ Rabbinic Controverseies
Chukas – Bread from Heaven The Mystery of the Manna
Pinchas ־ Zealots and Priests


Eikev ־ What does God really want from me
Reeh ־ We Are Family

Shmuel I

Shirat Chanah

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