Shiurim on General Jewish Interest

All of our shiurim are in their original format primarily as Word or PowerPoint documents to allow you to edit them as you please. If you are using our source materials we would appreciate it if you could mention Mah Shatashiv when you deliver your shiur or lecture, or acknowledge us on any material you produce. If you would like to give a donation towards our work please click here. Your feedback and financial help is deeply appreciated as it helps us to produce more high quality Torah educational material for others to use.


Rabbi Freedman’s Calendrical Curiosities
Learn the Ten Commandments by Finger Counting
The Nature of Speech in Jewish Thought
Why keep kosher

The Fundamentals of Judaism Course

The Fundamentals of Judaism ־ Tanach
The Fundamentals of Judaism ־ Festivals
The Fundamentals of Judaism ־ The Synagogue and Prayer
The Fundamentals of Judaism ־ The Life cycle

Voyage to the Dark Side: Angels, Demons, and Ghosts

Voyage to the Dark Side 1 ־ Angels and Demons
Voyage to the Dark Side 2 ־ Ghosts Dybbuks and Reincarnation
Voyage to the Dark Side 3 ־ The private life of the soul

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