Series on Science and Torah

Rabbi Dr Moshe Freedman’s series on Science and Torah is a forty-part series of short articles covering issues related to Science, Torah, and Judaism. The contents of the course is set out below, however, the entire series is available as one pdf document which contains a dynamic contents page. Please click here to download and if you enjoy it, please consider making a donation to Mah Shetashiv.

Part 1: In Search of Reality
Part 2: Information and Rational Faith
Part 3: Information Theory and the Written Law
Part 4: Information Theory and the Oral Law
Part 5: The Torah’s Mnemonic
Part 6: Our Infinite God and Finite World
Part 7: The First Thing that Led to Another
Part 8: Feeling the Touch of God’s Hand
Part 9: The Age of the Universe I
Part 10: The Age of the Universe II
Part 11: The Age of the Universe III
Part 12: The Age of the Universe IV
Part 13: Time
Part 14: The Torah Time-Machine I – Teshuvah
Part 15: The Torah Time-Machine II – Tefillah
Part 16:  The Fabric of Reality I
Part 17:  The Fabric of Reality II
Part 18:  The Multiverse I
Part 19:  The Multiverse II
Part 20:  The Vastness of the Cosmos – Could Alien Life Exist?
Part 21:  The Formation of Life
Part 22: Evolution I
Part 23: Evolution II
Part 24: Evolution III
Part 25: The Formation of Humans
Part 26:  Human speech
Part 27: Neuroscience and Free Will I
Part 28:  Neuroscience and Free Will II
Part 29: The Enigma of Consciousness I
Part 30:  The Enigma of Consciousness II
Part 31:  The Enigma of Consciousness III
Part 32:  The Enigma of Consciousness IV
Part 33: The Enigma of Consciousness V
Part 34: Judaism and Psychology
Part 35: Genetics I
Part 36: Genetics II
Part 37:  The Emergence of Faith I
Part 38: The Emergence of Faith II
Part 39:  The Emergence of Ethics I
Part 40:  The Emergence of Ethics II

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