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We are happy to arrange private talks for small groups as well. Please let us know the name of your study group for our records.
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Would you like the lectures to be held in-person, online, or a hybrid of both?
* When we contact you we will discuss how we will be able to stream the live lecture online.
Do you know when you would like the lectures to take place?
Please note that this is NOT a booking form. We will try to accommodate your prefered dates and times but will be in touch to confirm your booking. If you do not yet have an approximate date and time, we will discuss this with you when we contact you to confirm booking.
When we contact you we will discuss the use of electronic media as an alternative to printed source sheets to reduce waste. If lectures are given on Shabbat or Yom Tov, only printed media may be used.
Which lectures on Ethics and Morality and the Hebrew Scriptures would you like to book?
Please choose the lecture(s) you are interested in. You may choose as many as you like. Each lecture lasts at least one hour and requires a projector, screen, and table. Many of these lectures also include practical experiments and demonstrations as indicated with a (P). Nevertheless, these lectures can be adapted for Shabbat and Yom Tov if necessary but please indicate this in the comments section below.
Costing policy: The lecturers and staff who work for Mah Shetashiv are paid for their work. Neverthless, we are fully aware that communities, schools, and other educational institutions operate within very tight budgets. This is why we only discuss our costs for each event directly with the organiser(s). We will try to help you keep the costs as low as possible and work within your budget, but we reserve the right to decline offers to speak if we feel that the event is not financially viable in relation to our costs.
Payment policy: Once the costs have been agreed, we will send you an invoice which must be paid in full at least 14 working days before the commencement of your event. Due to the high demand for speakers, failure to pay in full by this time may force us to cancel the event. We will aim to notify you in good time if we are forced to do so.
Cancellation policy: We reserve the right to cancel an event if we are forced to do so under exceptional circumstances. In such a case you will be notified at the earliest opportunity and issued a full refund. We will aim offer you an alternative date and time.
Legal Responsibility and Security Arrangements policy: It is the responsibility of the event organiser to ensure that their venue meets all health and safety requirements, disabled access, and has sufficient security arranged for the time and date of the event. It is also the organiser's responsibility to ensure that there are enough chairs for participants.

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